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Steel Compass 6/8/10 Inch

Steel Compass 6/8/10 Inch, High-Quality, Strong, and Durable Product

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6นิ้ว กว้าง150mm., 8นิ้ว กว้าง240mm., 10นิ้ว กว้าง240mm.


Steel Compass 6/8/10 Inch

– Steel Compass 6 Inch
– Steel Compass 8 Inch
– Steel Compass 10 Inch
– The products are clearance stock, brand new, never used.
– The products may have slight defects, scratches, fading colors, or discoloration; they are sold as-is.
– The products do not come with a warranty and cannot be returned.
– We will inspect the products to ensure they are ready for use before delivery.
– You can request additional photos or view the products at our warehouse by contacting us at @toolsheep.

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